Assignment to Write My Author Bio Goes Wrong.

Sandi is the award winning author of the groundbreaking essay, I Forgot to Vaccinate My Son, But He Caught Autism Anyway. What Gives? and the breathtaking memoir about sacrifice and regret, Would if I Could: The Struggle to Get My Impulsive Online Donation Refunded. Her inspiring tale of the brave and selfless attempt to donate $50 to an animal charity was one of the most controversial pieces in recent history.

Most famous for the world altering open letter to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, that convinced him to abandon his nuclear ambitions for a free Amazon Prime subscription, she enjoys delving into the hot political issues of the day with other aspiring scholars on social media.

Although she’s been a target of the critics and elitists, she maintains a popular following on social media by posting inspirational quotes she’s stolen from funnier people and getting into public arguments with bots.

She lives a quiet, humble life at home with her husband, children and dogs in Katy, TX.

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